Saturday, October 5, 2013

A lesson in negative motivation... by Tlj

   A lesson in negative motivation…. So many people look and search for some positive motivation to boost them to success.  We search for good words and support in order to spark that fire to make you shoot for the stars!!  Some many years are lost waiting for someone or something to give them some positive motivation to get them on the path to success.  The question I want you to ask is what if you don’t get those kind words, encouragement or the support you want??? We all need motivation but the motivation does not always come in the form of positivity.  Negative motivation can be the most powerful motivation In the world! If it’s used correctly the hurt, pain, anger, disappointment, tragedy, struggle , addition, battle  should be the only motivation you need to GET YOUR ASS UP AND MAKE SOMETHING GOOD HAPPEN IN YOU LIFE!! When someone tells you that you’re nothing or useless that should motivate you to go hard for your dreams!!! When you find yourself hurt and betrayed by someone you love you should collect those tears and use them to quench your thirst for success! When your money is at a negative and you have bills and hungry kids in your face but you just can’t make ends meet don’t break down and go do something stupid instead you use their hungry faces and your empty pockets to feel your fire and go make your dreams come true!   When you have made some bad choices and you find yourself in a bad situation instead of just making the bad situation worse with more stupid choices use the past choices and your present pain  as the engine behind the plane that is about to take you to the island where your dreams are waiting for you.  Please stop waiting for that positive motivation because it doesn’t always come that way.  F.Y.I., Motivation is motivation whether it is positive or negative so take advantage of it all!  I would personally like to thank my negative motivation for the success I am about to achieve and my dreams that I am about to make a reality!  I love all #Motivation

By, #Tlj

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A lesson in Appreciation... by , Tlj ... #SeriouslySundays

  A lesson in appreciation….

 How many times have you be blessed but you never said thank you?  How many blessings have you received but never took care of them?  Most of the time all we seem to do is  complain about what we don’t have but we never truly take the time to appreciate the things we do have.   How many women have had a truly good man but didn't really show that man the appreciation he deserved?  How many of us have been blessed with a great job but didn't give it the dedication and appreciation it deserved?  With so many parents that have to deal with out of control kids these days how many of us take the time to show our awesome children the love and appreciation they deserve and require?   If you take a look around there are more and more parents who don’t give a damn about the welfare of their children so if your mom/dad took the time to love, care, guide, teach and prepare you for this crazy life you should be showing them your appreciation.   How many men say they need a good woman but so many of you have a good woman but you never ever take the time to appreciate her?   Appreciation can be shown in so many different ways big or small so there is no reason you don’t make it a habit to start showing your appreciation for the people and things that bring joy to your life.  So give that great man of yours a big kiss and tickets to his favorite sporting event.  Take those awesome kids who don’t get in trouble and do all of their school work to a movie or give them a gift card to their favorite store.  Pick up a spa gift certificate for that woman who takes care of you and the household all the time!  Take your boss a thank you card for keeping those checks coming and food on your table!  Take your mom/dad to dinner or save up and send them on a trip for all the hard work that put into you and making sure your future is brighter than their present.  I know sometimes you don’t have the money or the time to do a lot so keep in mind that telling someone how much you appreciate them is priceless and it doesn't cost you a penny! Have you shown your appreciation today? 


The Dancer...the life and death of a celebrity stripper.... By, Tlj

The Dancer... the life and death of a celebrity stripper! 

The Victim

  Lea “Skyy”   Jackson is a 26 year old celebrity stripper from Detroit who now resides in Las Vegas.  Lea ‘s stage name is Skyy.   Skyy is the hottest dancer in the game right now.  Her name has landed in a lot of hip hop lyrics.   She is on fire and all of the hottest celebrities wanted her in their videos and on their arm.  This chic was living that life.  You know the the life of a celebrity stripper. Lots fun and a ton of money!  Her passport had more stamps than a chic on welfare and her bank account was healthy.  Skyy was not only a stripper.  She was popular that she made a Brand out of herself.  She had her own lingerie line, dance gear, stiletto line, make-up line and body oils on top of bringing in over six figures a year just dancing.  She has all of this yet she’s not as happy as you would think she should be.  All Skyy wanted was to find “The One”.  She wanted to be swept off of her feet by some wealthy man.  Unfortunately she learned that everything that glitters ain’t gold baby.  It’s my job to tell you what happened and it’s your job to try to figure who did it! 

The Suspects

  First we have her boyfriend, Bryson Jones, the movie star.  Bryson seemed to love Skyy but as you know he was an award winning actor so is it real love or is it just a game to him?   The past few months he has flown back in forth to Vegas once at least once a week just to see her dance.  Skyy was impressed with Bryson’s wealth, fame and fortune.  The crazy thing is she was really falling for him because they really had fun together and he treated her well.  The way  she felt when she was with him made her  want him even more.  He had to be “The One!  Right???   Skyy was willing to give up her business to be his wife!  Finally she was living the dream.  She really thought she knew him until the gossip world found out about their relationship and all the shit hit the fan.  Bryson had to make a choice between his career and his woman.  Skyy didn’t expect the news of their relationship to be such a big deal because she really believed what that had was the real thing.  The question is did she really know this man?  Did he really love her the way she loved him?  Will he end up loving her for life or taking her life?

  Then we have Bryson’s best friend Miguel Martinez.  Miquel is a pro baseball player who always took what he wanted and he didn’t care who he had to stab in the back to take it.  He was also known as “Mr. Steal Your Girl” in the industry.   It gave him great please when he took a hot woman from another man of wealth.  He made him feel superior and he had a thing for the young models and rock stars but he wasn't a stipper kind of guy until he met Skyy.  Miguel changed his mind views of strippers once he laid his sneaky little eyes on Skyy.  He craved her and he was on a mission to make Skyy the next notch on his expensive ass Italian leather belt!   The first night he met her he wanted to take her from Bryson but he did not know how to go about doing since Bryson was his best friend.  He found himself thinking things a best friend should never think about his best friend’s girl.  He was already addicted to her and he hadn't even had the chance to sample the drug called Skyy.  Miguel knew he shouldn't go after her but he was thinking with his other head and you know that can get a man in all kinds of trouble!  Will he take her from or Bryson or would he rather see her day then with anyone else?    Skyy is like a drug she can be quite addictive! 

  Let’s not forget Bryson’s big brother, Corey Jones. Corey use to be a big-time child actor but since he has grown up he hasn't done much lately.  His career went downhill after his last Christmas movie when he was around 12 years old.   Outside of a few straight to DVD movies he pretty much rides on residuals from his old movies but mostly he lives well because of  Bryson’s name and money.   He was notorious for running off women that seem to be getting too close to Bryson because if Bryson settles down then so does the lifestyle for him.  He wouldn't be able fly to Coachella on his own so he needs Bryson to be single and ready to party so he can party too!   The last thing he needed was some stripper trapping his brother and his brother’s money.  I am sure he was not too happy to find out his brother was “falling” for Skyy.  All he saw when he met Skyy was a gold digging bitch that’s about to come between him and his brother’s fame and fortune!  Will he finally decide to let his brother fall in love and be happy or would he kill her to keep all of his brother’s money to himself?   Never come between man and his money!!

  Last but not least you have Skyy’s longtime manager , Val Tyler.  Val use to be a dancer too but she made her real money managing Skyy.  As a matter of fact Val is the one who showed Skyy the dancing game for the first time. When they first met Val was already a dancer and she was making a decent living in Detroit as a dancer.   She was very popular and all the local clubs wanted her. She was what you would call “Hood” Famous. She lived on campus at Wayne State and Skyy happened to be her new roommate for sophomore year.   One night Skyy asked Val how she could afford her car and all those nice clothes as a college student so Val took her to the strip club with her one night.   Skyy was fascinated by all the money she saw.  This was an easy fix to her financial problems.  She needed extra money to pay for classes and she needed a car because those Detroit winters were kicking her ass.  One night she mustard up enough courage and she went to Val for the hook up.  She told her she wanted in and the rest was history and so was Val’s dancing career because Lea a.k.a. Skyy took over!!! She shot to the top like a rocket on the 4th of July and nobody was taking her down so Skyy asked Val to be her manager since she was a Business major and they took the adult entertainment game by storm!  Skyy received an offer to move to Vegas to headline at a top notch gentlemen’s club so Val packed up and moved to Vegas with her.  Everything seemed smooth on the outside but secretly Val hated Skyy all these years because she felt like Lea/Skyy stole her life, her fame, her fortune and her attention.  Will she be satisfied with being in the background or will jealousy make her kill?  You know what they say about a woman scorned!


  The day had finally come for me (Skyy) to hang up my stilettos and G-string.  I was tired of the limelight and all the bullshit that came with it.  The past few months have been crazy and it was time to move on.  This industry had paid me well but drained my soul at the same damn time.  It was time to leave this life behind and just start over.  I had enough money to last me a lifetime. I did more than dance you know.  I had a make-up line, lingerie, shoes and plenty of endorsements   in the adult entertainment industry.  I was set.  I finally realized I don’t have to be super rich to be happy.  I am good with myself and it has taken these last few months to show me that.  They have been turbulent to say the least.   I went from being on top of the world to hiding from the world.  However I never thought my day would end like this. I was listening to my boy T.I. but for the last time.  This lifestyle was finally over.  This was my last time listening to this song under these circumstances. I am going to finally do what the song says. Get off this damn road!  (I turned the music up and hopped in the shower.  I was enjoying my song when the power went off so I stepped out of the shower to find out what the hell happened)

What the hell!!! I know damn well the power didn’t get cut off for nonpayment as much money as you make up in here!! HELLOOOOOO!! (I grabbed my towel and headed towards the door since no one answered me)  Helloooo!! ….Adriana!!.... Jay!!!! What the fuck is going on?

  I could hear the music in the club still going so I realized that the power was only out in here which sent my hood senses into overload.  I felt my way over to my makeup table to grab my gun I kept underneath my makeup case.  As soon as I grabbed it I felt a sharp pain in my back.  It had to be a knife. I tried to scream out but the pain was too severe so the words would not come out.  It was stab after stab after stab.  I lost count after the  fourth or fifth one then my body went into shock.  I felt myself falling to the ground but I knew I had one last chance to use this gun and it was going to have to happen on my way down so I stopped fighting and let my body fall to the ground.  Once I hit the ground I used all the energy I had to turn over and pull that damn trigger!!!!  I didn’t know if I hit anyone but I emptied the clip.  All I remember is lying on the floor in a pool of blood and hearing the door open. Then the power came back on and all I could hear was T.I. rapping in the background as I slowly turned my head I finally saw the face of my killer.

WAIT,  before I tell you the who and the why let me start from the beginning.

I've been travellin' on this road too long (too long)
Just tryna find my way back home (back home)
The old me is dead and gone, dead and gone
And oh (eyyy)
I've been travellin' on this road too long (too long)
Just tryna find my way back home (back home)

The old me is dead and gone, dead and gone, dead and gone

coming October 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back ...... tips on being The Sexy Housewife by Tlj

Coming Winter 2013

Tip 101 -The Scent of a Sexy Housewife   

  If a Lady is planning on making love to her man then she should always spray some perfume or rub some smell good lotion on all 13 key places.  Her neck should always smell good.  The front and the back of a woman’s neck should smell amazing.   If your man is lying behind you with his strong arms wrapped around you he should be mesmerized by the way the back of your neck smells.   A woman should also add a little smell good to the her wrist and inside her elbows.  That way when you have arms wrapped around the neck of the man his nose will be teased by your amazingly sexy fragrance.  Next stop is right above you panty line on your back.  This area of your body should always smell sexy just in case he takes a nice stroll down your back with his lips.  Also the area behind the knees and between the ankles of a true lady should never be forgotten.  Just in case your knees and/or ankles end up around his neck then the spectacular scent that has been driving him wild since he smelled the back of your neck when he first got in the bed next to you is everywhere on your body.  Don’t forget that when a man is kissing your tummy it should make his mouth water so make sure you spray that special fragrance right there all the time.  The inner thigh of a true sexy lady should always captivate your man’s sexual soul.  It should make your man want to taste you!  Now the last two places should be behind your knees and on the inside of your ankles. If for some strange reason your legs or sexy ankles end up around his neck he will still smell that sextacular aroma.  ......

Book release Winter 2013  

Love Kills by Tlj... love, sex and betrayal is not a good mix!

Sneak Peek from Love Kills by, Tlj  (an erotic tale).. coming October 2013

Bryan I have a surprise for you tonight

Is that right?

Yes it is.  Now go look on the bed and open the envelope on your pillow.

Are you serious?  (He stepped back and looked at her)

Yes. Now go.

Anything you say pretty lady.

  Bryan grabbed his glass of wine and went into the bedroom.  There was YSL shirt and belt lying on the bed next to some Armani jeans and T-shirt, a Bull’s baseball cap, and a fresh pair of timbs on the floor.   He opened the envelope and it was a short note from Nyla .

Hey baby, I wanted to thank you for being so damn good to me.  I just want to give you a taste of what you will be getting once you become my husband.  So put the clothes on, spray on my favorite cologne and meet me at you club.  I got something for you!
      Love your Princess

Baby why would I meet you there when we can ride together?

(He walked out and Nyla was gone.  It was a note on the table.  That said “get dressed and come get your surprise baby”) Damn I love this woman!!!   (He went back into the room to get dressed then headed down to the club) 

  When he pulled up to the club it was a ghost town.  There were only a few cars in the parking lot.  It was strange because Bryan’s club did big numbers every night.    The Security guard was standing out front.

What’s up fellas?

Hey boss.

What does she have going on up in here?

No comment sir.

Aye I’m the boss

Yes you are but if I ruin her surprise she will kill me boss

Yea you’re right about that. (Laughing)

Well here is the envelope she told me to give to you.  Oh and she said read it before going in.

Thanks man. (He opened and up and read it)

It’s role play time baby.  Tonight my name is NASTY GIRL and you don’t know me.
Come in and take a seat at the end of the stage.
Love you,

  When he walked into the bar the lights were low and the strobe light was flashing.  The music was playing and there were roses leading him to the end of the stage where there was a bottle of Ace, a Cuban cigar and about 10 stacks waiting for him.  He poured a glass of champagne, lit his cigar and took a seat.  The smoke from the smoke machine filled the stage and the show started.  Wicked games by The Weekend came on and Nyla came sliding down the pole.   She was wearing a red lace thong a nipple-less bra with some 7 inch Louboutins.  She looked extremely sexy and absolutely beautiful.  Her body moved to the beat and she did things on that pole that he never knew she could do.   Bryan was mesmerized by her.  It was like he was in a trance and the music fit the moment perfectly.

What a wicked game to play, to make me feel this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you.
What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you and,

I want to fall in love
No, I want to fall in love
With you.

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do.
I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you.
And I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you

   He reached up and glided his hand from her lips down her navel.  Bryan looked up at her and she bit her bottom lip the way he likes then she slowly walked over to him, looked him in the eyes and took of her bra.  Nyla rolled her hips around and around all the way to the floor.  Her body moved so perfectly sexy as she rolled over and laid on her back spread her legs, put those red bottoms in the air and arched that back!  Bryan picked up a stack threw it up in the air as she continued to do the damn thing.  Before he knew it she was on her knees with her ass up in the air wiggling it back in fourth to the beat of the music that was storming through the speaker.   She turned around, unbuckled his pants, pushed him down in his chair and made crazy sexy nasty love to him over and over and over again!

Baby girl you have my nose wide open and I am not ashamed to admit it.  I love you so much and I can’t wait until you handle your revenge shit so we can get married and start our life because if being married to you is going to be like tonight then I am ready to walk down that damn isle right now!  I want this kind of shit on a regular basis. 

I promise you won’t ever want or need anyone else so if you do stray its just because you were just being greedy because you will always be satisfied.

That’s what every man wants to hear!  A woman who wants to keep them happy.

Why wouldn't I want to keep you happy.  You do everything to keep a smile on my face so this is my way of paying you back.

Well let me make sure I keep a smile on that flawless face!   My mission is life to make sure you’re happier with me then without me.   All I want is for you to happy.

Baby I am happy and once I handle this business all I want is you. So I guess we both get what we want.


Chapter 10

The day was finally here!!  It’s was New Year’s Eve and everything was going according to plan.  Menno already had his goons in Detroit to grab Chloe and Marshall.  Nyla has the perfect wedding planned for tomorrow night and their big party was tonight.   Everything was in place and shit was about to get real!    ..........

stay tuned for book release info! 

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The 2013 Emmy's Red Carpet run down

  The 41 year old wonder Sofia Vergara looks drop dead gorgeous in this body fitting red Vera Wang!  This dress was perfectly tailored to fit every single curve this Colombian bombshell has.   The only thing i would have changed was her hair.  I think the dress is so elegant that she should have worn it in sleek but sexy ponytail and maybe added a nice thin necklace because her neck looks bare. Other then than this is definitely a WINNER!! 

Lena Dunham, the creator and star of the HBO Series Girls wore this interesting looking floral Prada gown.  I'm not sure if I hate this odd looking dress but I do know that it was not Emmy appropriate.  The dress makes her look much heavier than she is and if she was going to show this much skin she should have tanned since it is a summer dress.  If she was dead set on wearing this dress then it should have been taken in a bit more, some push up cups for those boobs to add some cleavage, added some jewelry, better make up and dyed her hair a little lighter to bring the flowers in the dress.  You need a new stylist because you could have rocked those tatts in a better way!  (Call me girly) lol

Kerry Washington looks absolutely amazing in this flowing Marchesa gown.  The fit is perfect.  The color is perfect.  the accessories are perfect and her hair is perfect.  She looks HOLLYWOOD PERFECT! Its not much to say because Ms. Washington and that Marchesa Gown says it all!! She looks Flawless baby... this is a true WINNER!!!!

Hated it!! Jessica Pare from Mad Men looks like shes wearing a bridesmaid's dress from hell!  I love the color of this Oscar de la Renta but all that extra fabric around the boob area sucks.  The only thing I like about his look is the way the dress comes up in the front and shows off those smoking hot shoes (which doesn't quite go with this dress). Oh well maybe next year

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A lesson in broken FAITH by .... #Tlj #SeriouslySundays

 A lesson on broken FAITH……So many times we get caught up in the downside of life... things seem to bleak for so long and we feel it will never get better or we thinking we are not good enough to deserve a life of miraculous blessings so we throw in the towel and backslide.... What we must do at this time is remember that we must be extremely close to our breakthrough and this is why the devil is working overtime on breaking our FAITH.  It’s tough to be strong when the weight of the world becomes too heavy to carry on your own and the drizzle of rain turns into a massive storm.  So stand strong and if you’re too weak to stand just get on your knees in thank God for fighting the devil for you and thank him in advance for the Victory that you are about to experience.   Don't stray from the walk and if you find yourself straying then pray for forgiveness and get right back on that path because no matter how far you stray the path to God is always a step away.  You just have to take the first step and God will lead you the rest of the way.  Happy Sunday Sunshines....Tlj   #tlj #God #BrokenFaith  #Restored